April 24th, 2006

Day 1: Meridian, Mississippi

It's Sunday...the day to leave. Was up late last night packing because of course I can't start packing until the day before. The Escape is filled to the brim with stuff...packed towels and the air mattress and sandals and other random things into every little crevice. Had breakfast with Brian G. at WaHo at 10:30am and then went looking for a Radio Shack that would have a CB antenna so that I could rekindle my CB radio that I have from years ago. No such luck so I'll need to keep looking along the way.

Worked my last shift at the Apple Store. 12-7. Did POS all day which is my fave. A few interesting customers to remember. Had a quick close and then we all headed over to the Bucket Shop Cafe across the street. 27 of my friends / co-workers showed up to send me off which was AWESOME. And they even made me a photo of everyone in the store including the missing people photoshopped in. I had made cupcakes for earlier in the day and gave away RAM keychains as party favors.

About 22:00, said my goodbyes to the few that were left and went to pick up some ice for the cooler, the dog, and grab the few things I had forgotten from earlier. Everything wasn't quite perfect in the house, but it'll do. We started on I-20 West around 23:00 EST.

One quick stop for gas and potty and to get the trail mix out of the back seat, and we arrived in Meridian, MS around 03:00 CST. Pretty much exactly at the 4 hours that Google Maps suggested. Total distance traveled today: 294 miles.